AWS Cloud 9 Pricing

 AWS Cloud 9 Pricing

AWS Cloud 9 is free for 12 months only. but for that, we need to pay for host pricing only. there are different plans also available please check with pricing page - Pricing

Per Second Billing

With per-second billing, you pay for only what you use. It takes the cost of unused minutes and seconds in an hour off of the bill, so you can focus on improving your applications instead of maximizing usage to the hour. Especially, if you manage instances running for irregular periods of time, such as dev/testing, data processing, analytics, batch processing, and gaming applications, can benefit.

How to start work with AWS Cloud 9?

There are two AWS Cloud 9 versions are available AWS Cloud9 (Console) and AWS Cloud9 (CLI) Command Line Interface.

what is Console?

console - is a window where your text-mode programs are running. This window processes key presses to know it is width and height. Can be fullscreen.

what is the Command line?

command-line - the line where you enter commands. Usually, it used to tell that you need to run something in the text mode window (command line interface) provided by your operating system.

there are some simple tasks available to start with AWS Cloud 9  -

Step 1: To start with AWS Cloud 9 we need to set up an environment with the EC2. EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). it is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. to create an account click here.

then we need to set up regions there :

Then there are several options available for to set up Environment Type, Platform like amazon Linux, ubuntu.

and for the AWS Cloud9 (CLI) we need to install it and then we use this one. currently 2 versions available in that.

Language Support - 

AWS Cloud 9 mostly supports all the web-based languages because of that it is most usable tool.
its supports to following languages. Language Support 

samples with WordPress: WordPress sample
sample with PHP: PHP sample 


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